Transport service

TThe Tkalec Trans d.o.o. company provides transportation of all types of goods under any controlled temperature regime anywhere in Europe.

We can meet your needs with modern Volvo and Renault trucks and Schmitz trailers, specialized for transportation of all types of cargo under controlled temperature. Our trucks are equipped with modern technology and satellite surveillance.

All of our trailers have HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certificate, which ensures high hygienic and preventive standards in transport in FMCG industry. The trailers are equipped with temperature measuring instruments.

In order to satisfy clients' needs in the best possible way, we can offer you:
► single temperature controlled transport,
► dual temperature controlled transport – for goods which need to be transported in different                  temperature settings,
► transportation service in capacity from 1 to 66 pallets,
► double decker transport – for transportation from 33 up to 66 pallets inside one chamber,
► possibility of merging smaller LTL shipments.

We can also provide you with the loading services, unloading services and packaging services, quality control services throughout the whole transport process, diversion – changes of location, as well as loading and unloading in different locations between loading place and unloading place.